A multinational, diversified conglomerate with a proven growth trajectory.

Progress is possible only when you challenge the status quo and explore the possibilities of tomorrow. Throughout our 29-year history, we at LIMRA Holdings through our subsidiary companies have taken pride in our unique ability to identify and respond to evolving customer preferences, enabling us to become a dominant force in our business sectors.

One of the fastest-growing, multinational, diversified holding companies in Sri Lanka.

Since our inception in 1993, we have resiliently moved forward with a resourceful team who have positioned us to become one of the fastest growing mid-sized diversified holding companies in Sri Lanka.

Leading in ICT, Mother & Baby Care and Branded Toys cluster with a remarkable presence in other sectors, LIMRA has become a trusted name in Sri Lanka, Singapore, India, Oman and Bangladesh.

LIMRA Holdings is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.

Our Companies

EGUARDIAN, DCS International, Kiddies & Toys International, KTI India, and Energy Consortium form the subsidiaries of LIMRA Holdings. These subsidiaries represent some of the world’s most renowned brands in their respective fields in the local and international markets.

Our Affiliate Companies Delta Spike, Alphaspike, Strides Tech Solutions, and Digital Engineering Solutions are among the Projects that are in the launch phase in their life cycles.


Years in Business

A vibrant future ahead.

Our capabilities and unique insights gathered throughout the years have enabled us to pursue international growth predominantly across the SAARC region. We have established long-standing, exclusive partnerships with Principles, Channel members and intermediaries across sectors to ensure our operations remain seamless and agile. We relentlessly continue to improve the standards and quality of our own brands, taking them global as the pride of Sri Lanka.

Our growth perspective is broad because we believe our potential is simply limitless.


Vision & Mission


Aspire, Inspire, and Lead to create value.


To become a corporate inspiration in the management of sustainable, diversified investment portfolios in different entrepreneurial formats with a goal of creating stakeholder value in a socially responsible manner in the local and global sphere.

Our Values

With employees who live and work within Sri Lanka and across the region, how do we ensure we are all making the right decisions? While our mission and vision keep us aligned to a common goal, our company values act as our guiding principle in how we must operate to reach that goal.

As LIMRA continues to evolve and grow, these values will remain constant.

Winner’s mindset

We are courageous, bold and inquisitive. This keeps us young and innovative, even as times go by.


Everyone at LIMRA should have the courage and resourcefulness to spark change – to make our products, our people, our place better.


Exercising the highest level of professional and ethical behavior, we employ ethical standards to foster and sustain the relationships that keep our business growing.


We remain accountable to our stakeholders for every decision and impact we make.

Leading Brands


We work closely with our partners to create innovative, collaborative environments that drive engagement, profit and growth.